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Enter Kingdumb

Kingdumb is a British born Asian who has been perfecting the art of DJing and music production since age 13. Kingdumb’s motivation is to make people dance and connect with people through his music. With lots of support for an underground alias he now moves into a different realm, focusing on pushing standards forward in electronic music and making people want to move through his unique sound.


Over the last 2 years Kingdumb has amassed over 300,000 streams using a DIY approach and has collaborated with two UK charting artists, one of which had a seminal number 1 hit. Support has come from many places, from BBC Asian Network to some of the most well known blogs globally to Spotify, who put Kingdumb on an official playlist last year.


With past DJ gigs ranging from London to Birmingham to Southampton, Kingdumb has built a huge arsenal of music to showcase his sound whilst performing and is finalising an album of the highest quality which has been two years in the making. Kingdumb has his heart set on becoming a household name off the back his unwavering belief and constant dedication to consistently be creating at the highest of levels.

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